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Resurrected is the third studio album by Witchfinder General, their first since Friends of Hell in 1983. It is also the first not to feature Zeeb Parks on vocals.

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Track Listing Edit

No. Title Music Lyrics Length
1. The Living Hell Phil Cope Cope 7:50
2. The Gift of Life Cope Cope 5:47
3. Final Justice Cope Cope / Dan Wood 4:20
4. Bryn-y-Mor Cope instrumental 2:18
5. Brutal Existence Cope Wood 5:15
6. Euthanasia Cope Cope 5:25
7. A Night to Remember Cope Cope 4:28
8. The Funeral / Beyond the Grave Cope Cope 7:03

Personnel Edit

Phil Cope - Guitars

Gaz Martin - Vocals

Derm Redmond - Percussion

Rod Hawks - Bass

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